Sunday, August 20, 2006

Kami the HIV Positive Muppet

I was reading article about Sesame Street because it was a featured article and the Worlds Greatest Grandma has a "Sesame Street" shirt I figured I should look for some fun facts. In section called Rumors and urban legends they write in detail about the heterosexual or homosexual nature of Bert and Ernie. Then the article discusses the rumor that was started when Jim Henson died that Ernie would be "killed off" the show.
People figured that after the actor Will Lee died the character of Mr. Hooper was also killed off they would also kill off Ernie whose puppeteer was Henson. The rumors that was started where that Ernie would be either killed by a vehicle accident, AIDS, or cancer. A spokesperson for the series was quoted as saying "Ernie is not dying of AIDS, Ernie is not dying of leukemia. Ernie is a puppet". Then as a testimony to how when ever you want believe something will never happen it does in 2002 the South African version of the Sesame Street introduces the loveable Kami who in is HIV positive. Which brings up the question "What are those puppeters doing to the puppets?"; and shows us that one day a puppet will die of AIDS.

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